Jules Walker Jules Walker is a reclusive polymath who lives in a small library in Derbyshire with two dogs and an erratic internet connection.

Lee Marchais Lee Marchais, of French origin, is one who spends all spare time writing.There are three ghost cats at Lee's home, along with a partner.

Even though Lee is across the ocean from Jules, they speak daily. Lee, however, would rather be in Derbyshire with partner and eventually will make it.

Facts about Lee: believes in love at first sight and true love, believes that sexuality is fluid and not always defined as simply as gay/straight, supports gay rights/equal rights for all, loves dogs, love rugby, has been writing since a very young age. Some of Lee's favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, Libby Drew, Manna Francis, Michael Moorcock (The War Hound and the World's Pain), and much more. The first story Lee wrote was a Deux Ex Machina vampire story. Lee resides in central North Carolina, is happy to provide autographs, and hopes you enjoy the stories posted. Jules is Lee's right hand and best mate. They have been writing together for years.

Happy endings are a must. We work hard to make our characters three dimensional, while keeping the story interesting. We also have a range from contemporary romance to kinkiness. There's always romance involved. Usually erotica. :)

We don't do readings/advice for stories. Sorry. Good luck, though.