Simon Ian Holroyd is the youngest son of Adele and Colin Holroyd, and according to some, the best-looking of the three. He was born and raised on the family farm in West Yorkshire, near Huddersfield in Northern England. When he left school, he attended the University of Leeds and read Physical Education. Though he had been given a trial to play for his brotherís London-based rugby club, he turned it down in favour of teaching. He didnít think all of the travel would suit his more family-rooted personality. Right out of university, Simon found himself at Lady Daventry School for girls, mostly he thinks because he embraced his sexuality during the interview. He is now nearly thirty, with no children, no partner, and his best mate is Lucy Westmorland. The Holroyds are very proud of Simon for his achievements and quick promotion to Games Master and Head of Department at the school; none more proud than his older brother Matt, who Simon considers to be one of his best mates.
Lucy Grace Westmorland is a small-town girl. The small town, she feels, exists only because the cartographer felt the need to put a dot in 'miles and miles of bloody Scottish highlands'. It is more than two hours northwest of Inverness; the nearest actual town is a mere forty minutes away. She attended English boarding schools until she was eighteen, and ascribes her popularity at school to a burning desire not to have to go home for the holidays. She is the youngest of three siblings, her elders being a brother and a sister; none of them has entirely lived up to their mother's expectations of them, but Lucy - as a mere teacher, both unmarried and childless at the ripe old age of twenty five - has fallen the farthest short. The only one of her relatives she does not view with indifference bordering on mild dislike is her mother's cousin, whom she knows as Aunt Kitty, who is also a teacher and was responsible for introducing her into the Lady Daventry School For Girls. Miss Katherine McLeod, as she is known to the rest of the staff, had long been viewed as a black sheep and general disappointment to the family; Lucy is delighted to follow in her footsteps.